Trying to create an effective video without a strong script is like building a house without foundations. Before you know it, you’ll be like Buster Keaton as it collapses around you. 

If you want to avoid being flattened, then, as they say in Hollywood, your people should speak to our people. Masters of the verbal and the visual, they’ve scripted everything from TV ads to horror movies. Whether you want a YouTube film, an animation or a motion graphic, they’ll summon the words and images that will keep eyes glued to screens.


To put yourself in the frame for our scriptwriting and storyboarding services, start a live chat or email [email protected] – we’re ready to audition any time.

Write Arm provides Leon! Animations with just the right scriptwriters for our short videos – condensing long, boring texts into a few sentences and diplomatically and charmingly maintaining good morale with everyone involved in the production process.

Leo Earle, founder

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