Our culture and values

We swear by F-words

We’re all about Freedom, Flexibility and Fairness.

You are free to use our services when and how you want – we won’t tie you down with long-winded contracts and we laugh in the face of retainers. The quality of our work – and the quality of our service – is what creates our partnerships.

We’re entirely flexible – we provide the writers you need, when you need them, and we adapt to any system of working that you have.

We treat you fairly – we are honest to a fault and always charge reasonably. We focus on delivering value – not on receiving revenue. We don’t chase work at all costs and would rather turn down jobs than make a promise that we can’t keep.

We respect talent

We swear by these F-words for our writers too.

We’re loyal and fair to our writers – we value what they do and pay them accordingly by only accepting jobs that will pay them a fair rate.

All of our writers have the freedom and flexibility to work how and when they like – whether from a desk, a café or a mountain top. They are also free to work with any other company and on any other job.

We respect writers’ autonomy – we believe people do their best work when given freedom from critical scrutiny.

The other F-word

And our favorite F-word of all is Fun.

Not as in red noses, beer fridges and away days. We just want to spread a bit of happiness to our clients and writers – and whenever we can to the wider world too. 

We love what we do and we want you to love it too.

After all, fun is infectious.

It's not all F-words

Enough of the effing. Here’s our G-thing.

G is for giving.

Write Arm is built on partnerships and relationships. Much of our work comes through referrals from happy clients, and we actively seek referrals for our clients from those we work with.

We gain through giving.

We’re perfectly imperfect

Are we perfect? Of course we are. Well actually, here’s a secret: occasionally things go wrong. But when they do, you won’t find us playing the blame game. We find the problem and devote our energies to fixing it.

Dwelling on problems and blaming simply causes stress and delays solutions. It’s not fun for anyone. Finding fixes is good for the soul and even better for business.

And it’s more fun.

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