The why

Ever struggled to get a good writer? Or the right writer for the job? Or to assemble a team of writers for a big project? Or to manage the writers once the project is under way?

And do those problems cost you time and money? (They usually do.)

Well, your troubles are over. At least, they are if you stop panicking and call us. We have hundreds of talented writers of all descriptions and can always provide the ones you need when you need them. And when you don’t need them there’s no charge, because we don’t insist on retainers.

Not run of the mill

We all know that writers are ten a penny. But good ones aren’t. All our people are very good, but what makes us extra special is our five-point guarantee, which you can read about here.

We always promise to match the writer to the job. So, if you need someone to write you a strapline or some finely honed sales copy, we’ll provide the right specialist. Likewise, if you want someone who can rattle out numerous articles for your SEO campaign, script your video or proofread your annual report.

A kind of magic

If we don’t have the right person for you among our current pool, we’ll go out and find them. If you want Shakespeare, we’ll hold a séance and summon his spirit.

There’s another reason why clients like us – our culture and values. We care very much about the work we do and we care very much about how we do it. We like working with clients who share our approach – and, of course, they like working with us too.

Go on, email us now at [email protected], or start a live chat.

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