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Multilingual copywriting

Case study: Maldon Salt

Maldon needed a writer who was truly worth their salt.

Someone who could provide ‘inspiration with every pinch’, which was the evocative tag we crafted for it. The challenge was to create web copy that reflected the brand’s heritage, quality and values by taking the simple to the extraordinary.

‘Oh, and could you also place some of our content into ten different languages for us?’ it then asked. Of course we can, if you’ll just pass the Maldon.

Creative strategy

Case study: Ordnance Survey

When it was looking to develop new brand guidelines for its leisure and consumer business, Ordnance Survey turned to Write Arm.

Starting with an in-house workshop, we went on to produce a full copy playbook, which gave the marketing team a much needed – ahem – roadmap.

Copywriting and content

Case study: Sopro

The smartest mail marketing business in town, Sopro has grown faster than Jack’s beanstalk. To ease its growth pains, it turned to Write Arm to secure a scalable pool of email copywriters who could keep up with the company’s phenomenal pace.

We were only too happy to oblige – though we had to run fast to keep up. Along the way, we found the energy to help out with thought leadership pieces, blogs and a whole load of web copy.


Case study: Vitality

When life and health insurance company Vitality decided to branch out into ISAs and pensions, it had no one to write all of the marketing collateral, product guides and technical legal documents. So, what did it do? It called Write Arm, of course.

We placed two copywriters in-house with the company, one of them for an entire year. Working within strict tone of voice and legal guidelines, they sweated blood to complete all the materials in time for the product launches.

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We can deliver at whatever scale you need and we always work with smiles on our faces. What could be nicer? To see more case studies, keep reading, or take a look at some of the sectors we cover here.

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Case study: RSPCA

They say never work with children or animals, so when the RSPCA approached us to produce a huge litter of pedigree content, we were understandably a little nervous.

Working closely with the charity’s external content consultant, we reworked 400 advice pages at the speed of a hungry greyhound, making them more relevant and useful to pet owners.

Naturally the client was left purring with delight.


Case study: Script Compass

If you’ll excuse the pun, Script Compass doesn’t usually need pointing in the write direction. The company specializes in helping film makers to develop their scripts, but, try as they might, when it came to writing copy for their own website, its in-house writers couldn’t move the needle.

North, south, east, west, when panic strikes you call the best. We dived into the phone box, pulled on our superhero outfits and leaped into action. With the clock ticking down to launch day, we battled valiantly into the night, before delivering a perfectly formed copy deck into the arms of our grateful client. The effusive thanks weren’t necessary.

It was all in a day’s work for Write Arm. Roll credits.


Copywriting and thought leadership

Case study: Group SJR

Part of the WPP family, Group SJR is a strategic content agency that helps global corporations to find and tell their stories. Like all agencies, its project requirements sometimes exceed its in-house capacity, particularly when highly specialized content needs scaling. And, like all smart agencies, when faced with this challenge, it turned to Write Arm.

We quickly lined up expert writers to fulfill a series of demanding briefs, which included a web copy overhaul for one of the world’s largest business consultancies and high-level thought leadership content aimed at the insurance market.


Case study: Sunon

Having got its feet firmly under the desk in many Eastern markets, the Chinese office furniture company Sunon was looking to sell to Western, English-speaking territories. But to do that, it needed a suite of marketing materials that would do justice to its classy product range.

Naturally it turned to Write Arm. We sharpened our pencils and made sure we were sitting comfortably before blitzing the brief and delivering all the required collateral way ahead of deadline.

Thought leadership

Case study: Digital IoM

Sometimes all the information you need to produce thought leadership content is right there, trapped within the organization you’re writing for. So it was with Digital Isle of Man, a public-private partnership created to grow the Island’s twenty-first-century economy.

It needed in-depth articles on opportunities in the digital sphere – everything from the Internet of Things to open data – and was struggling to find anyone locally with the time to write them.

We assigned a veteran tech journalist, who successfully coaxed original insights from the heads of the IoM’s digital leaders and onto the page. And all without setting foot on Manx soil.


Case study: The Student Room

The Student Room is the UK’s largest online student community and, boy, does it need a lot of content to keep all those kids happy. The challenge it set us was to research and produce content that rang the right bells with both students and the site’s commercial clients, most of which are universities.

Working with the in-house editorial team, we developed story ideas, secured buy-in, drafted articles and responded to editorial requests from numerous stakeholders. Time and again, we passed with first-class honors.

We occasionally paused for breath, too.

Thought leadership

Case study: Linnworks

A leading force in the eCommerce revolution, Linnworks enables online retailers to automate their operations and reduce costs. Like many successful SaaS businesses, it faced a marketing challenge: how to produce thought leadership content when all its thought leaders were busy servicing the company’s rapid growth.

Unblocking such bottlenecks is a favorite pastime of ours. Linnworks batted us brief after brief, on subjects ranging from post-Brexit trade arrangements to eCommerce trends, and we quickly allocated each of them to a specialist writer. Needless to say, we completed every assignment with minimum fuss and without creating a drain on the company’s time.


Case study: Commonwealth Secretariat

As the civil service wing of the Commonwealth, the Commonwealth Secretariat supports a huge range of social, environmental and governmental projects across the 54 Commonwealth nations.

Its comms department chose Write Arm to design and produce the content for the youth-focused Young Commonwealth website. The project was so well received that we were then commissioned to write the reports for the 2018 and 2020 biennial Commonwealth heads of government meetings.

Travel writing

Case study: Selective Asia

When it decided to extend its reach to four new countries, boutique tour operator Selective Asia faced a major challenge. It needed hundreds of destination and hotel guides written, but its in-house copywriter was flat out with other work.

Enter Write Arm. We brought in three specialist travel writers and a project manager, who were assigned to work closely with the company’s product manager.

Operating within strict tone of voice guidelines, they got their heads down and delivered hundreds of pages within weeks, leaving Selective Asia with a smile as wide as the Indian Ocean.


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