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Journalism and native advertising

The thin white line between journalism and marketing is today just a faint grey smudge. Yet some things haven’t changed. Our journalism and native ads each follow the same timeless principles:

  • They squarely address the concerns of the audience.
  • They inform, educate and entertain.
  • They are authoritative.

We have dozens of specialist journalists ready to be let loose on your campaign. So, whether you want to go native or play it straight, we can help.

Before you decide, start a live chat or email us at [email protected]


We’ve been working with Write Arm for several years, during which time the team there have written dozens of feature articles for us. Our relationship with Write Arm means we are able to instantly scale our editorial resource to match our required output. We know we can be confident in the quality of the copy we’ll receive and we know it will always arrive on (and often well before) deadline. Most importantly, the team at Write Arm are a pleasure to deal with and are always available to help with any editorial request.

 Nik Taylor, head of content, The Student Room






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