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Editing and proofreading

You are your own worst editor. It’s not personal, just a fact. Far too often you’re just way too close to the project and from where you’re sitting, what is obviously an elephant’s tail looks just like a pull switch for a light. Stop – don’t pull that cord!

Instead, let’s cast some light on how your editing and proofing could be made easier and more effective. We have a nationwide team of editors and proofreaders who can spot a misplaced apostrophe at a hundred yards.

We can work at scale and at pace, following house rules (or helping you create them), liaising with your writers and formatting to your templates.

Need a T crossing or an I dotting? Then start a live chat or email [email protected]


We’ve been using Write Arm on an ad hoc basis to source writers with niche expertise to supplement our in-house team. Despite often being given extremely short notice and very specific asks, they’ve managed to come back fast with options for potential people, and proved very flexible and understanding when plans have needed to change – and all at extremely reasonable prices.

James Clive-Matthew, managing director, Group SJR





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