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AI content edited by humans

Let’s start with the blindingly obvious: AI copywriting is here to stay. ChatGPT and other AI tools can produce decent content and are constantly improving. The equally obvious question is, will your readers mind if your SEO articles or web copy is written by an algorithm? Maybe not – Google certainly doesn’t.

But here’s the rub: they most definitely will mind if the content isn’t useful to them, which means that it needs to be properly sense checked and given a voice that they can trust. To put it another way, unless you apply some real-world intelligence to your machine generated content, you’re playing Russian roulette with your reputation.

So you’ll be relieved to know that we can create AI copy and make it as smart as you are. Our legion of content creators and editors are SEO savvy and work across all major languages and all sectors. They’re fast too and can deliver directly into your CMS, which keeps your costs down and your workflows efficient.

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