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Healthcare and pharma copywriting

Medical writers for hire

Q: Why are medical copywriters like Doctor’s appointments? 

A: You can never get one when you need one. At least you can’t if you’re a hard-pressed marketer with a hundred and one other things on your plate.

If that’s what’s ailing you, then we’re just what the doctor ordered. We’ve spent years assembling the finest roster of medical writers available, so you’re spared the hassle of hitting the phones or scrabbling around on LinkedIn. They include:

  • Medical journalists
  • Scientific and technical writers 
  • Creative copywriters
  • PR and comms specialists
  • Editors and proofreaders 

Keep your medical content in rude health

Whatever the subject, we’ll dispense the writers you need:

  • Pharma
  • Medical devices
  • Medtech 
  • Disease and therapeutic
  • Public health and behaviour change 
  • Social care
  • Lifestyle and wellbeing
  • Complementary medicine

From journal articles to tweets, we’ve got you covered

What can we cover? Well, since you asked, all of these and plenty more:

  • Patient literature
  • HCP-facing content
  • Scientific papers
  • Technical copy
  • Adverts and social

Why Write Arm

  • You get the writers you need when you need them, without the hassle of a retainer.
  • We’re super-flexible, so can scale production up or down whenever you like.
  • We’re an ethical business and make a point of being lovely to deal with.

Oh, and

  • We offer a full multilingual, so can deliver in pretty much any language you need.

Give your healthcare copy a shot in the arm. Start a live chat or email [email protected]

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